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Jewellery Care Tips

The only guaranteed way of not losing or damaging your jewelry is to simply take it off and leave it at home, we wouldn’t want that, would we?

Here are 10 Jewellery care tips to help keep your pieces fresh and damage free for an extended duration:

  1. Always try to store your jewellery in a clean, air tight or dry places. Keeping pieces wrapped in a fabric or a clean tissue in a box with compartments and dividers is also very helpful.
  2. Prevent pieces from scratching each other off by investing in a nice jewellery box, even while you travel with them.
  3. Always wear jewellery after having perfumed yourself and completing the make-up.
  4. Keep pieces away from direct perfume sprays as that will damage the metal especially if it’s silver. Same goes for water – try not to come directly in contact with water while wearing the pieces.
  5. Remove rings and necklaces before swimming – salt water and chlorine can damage your jewellery. Add sweat to the list when it comes to sterling silver specially in cities like Karachi.
  6. Chlorine in swimming pools or hot water will also discolour metals like gold and platinum and could potentially erode the polish and finishing of gemstones so be careful.
  7. Apply sunscreens and lotions before wearing chains and rings as the prongs will have be filmed onto the pieces otherwise, making them dull and dingy sooner than due time. Be mindful that..
  8. Your own sweat and body oils can dull the shine of your jewellery – avoid DIY methods specially if you’ve never done them before.
  9. You can always visit us to get your pieces checked for loose gem stones, prongs and clasps. It’s easier to lose a piece of jewellery or individual stones if you’re not giving your jewelry regular check-ups. If a piece seems vulnerable or about to break, bring it to us. We will fix and deep clean your pieces for a brilliant shine.