Hi There, My name is Hajra Chhotani and I am a fourth generation Jewellery maker! Qajar is my brainchild, my passion project, a brand that reflects my personal unconventional style and my love for amorphous but glamourous pieces that are imperfectly shaped yet beautiful in their originality and are truly one of a kind.

I love using unprocessed and raw rocks and gemstones that tell a story of their formations millions of years before they were found by a wearer. I get inspired by glittery, sparkly stones and crystals that feel like a whole different world is hidden in them reflecting the awe inspiring beauty of the cosmic world.

Through my travels and research I have collected eccentric statement making stones that sometimes remind you of doomed planets and sometimes of extraterrestrial objects. In 2018 I quit my corporate life and started doing what I always dreamed of doing: Making jewellery out of these stones I had collected for years.

Through Qajar, I hope to find customers with a deep appreciation of beauty who will love and enjoy these jewellery creations as much as I have loved creating them. I love to connect with my customers! Want to have custom designs? Need to ask a question? Want to chat or come over to our showroom? Just shoot an email or hit me on Instagram. Thanks for following along!

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