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Qajar featured in Women’s Own Magazine

Qajar Jewellery's Debut Local Collection Featured in Women's Own Magazine.

Qajar Jewellery by Hajra Chhotani - Combining Beauty And Art:

Hajra Chhotani is a 4th generation jeweller who has recently launched her new jewellery brand by the name of Qajar which means beauty and art. Every piece in the collection is masterfully crafted and will quickly become one of your favorites for any occasion. Chhotani's eye catching designs are definitely something to look out for!

With hex creations, she is playing with her personal favorite elements that have always inspired her. Starry sparkling skies, glittering lights and irregular precious and semi-precious rock pieces reflecting the imperfection that exists around us yet makes everything uniquely beautiful.

She often uses unexpected and distinct objects that are used less often in formal jewellery such as healing rock crystals, unprocessed gemstones and quartz casted in sterling silver and sometimes in copper. These pieces are statement making while at the same time also reflect the energy and personality of the wearer.

How it all began?

Chhotani has always found herself drawn to ‘natural and awe inspiring experiences’ and she began collecting pieces of gems, rocks and pearls through her travels. It took her over & year 10 assemble quality pieces after which she started making jewellery by casting these items in silver. She experimented with foreign markets in October 2018 and also started sharing her pieces on her personal Instagram account. Soon, she found herself a niche market for these eccentric pieces and got encouraged 1 launch Qajar more formally.

Qajar, represents beauty and distinct art, and aims to tell the story of jewels and the efforts of the Pakistani artisan community who work at the backend. The jewellery manufacturing industry in Pakistan is still one of the most male dominated ones till date and one of Qajar’s aim s to bring women artisan and manufacturers to the forefront by providing them professional training and a platform to sell their products.

She says about her brand, ‘Qajar Iooks for purchasers who will understand and love these creations as much as the maker does. These jewellery pieces are made for your inner thinker and wonderer, the person inside you who reflects on the formation of things, has deep appreciation of beauty and the hidden meaning of things and is not afraid of embracing imperfection with grace!

Qajar’s Collection

The collection features 12 ear pieces, bracelets and pendants where Hajra
channelizes her inner stargazer and thinker into the designs. Each one is
handmade and realty makes you appreciate all the work that has gone towards creating it. The rocks have very mysterious look to them and are highly aesthetically appealing.

With pricing starting from PKR 4000 and going upto 40,000. Qajar pieces are available to purchase online through Instagram. Qajar also ships worldwide, with dedicated customers as far away as Australia and Turkey.