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How We Design Beautiful Jewelry Gifts For Women | Qajar Jewellery

How We Design Beautiful Jewelry Gifts For Women

Jewelry either gold, silver, or artificial is a very important element in the life of most women. Since ancient times it has intensified their beauty and made them look beautiful, classy, and gorgeous. Choosing the right blend of jewelry and accessories enhances the beauty of a woman and keeps its glam quotient on top. Beautiful jewelry gifts are the perfect presents for most women. When you are looking for a gift for women one can never go wrong with beautiful jewelry gifts like rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. Women are never tired of having enough beautiful jewelry gifts.

Jewelry is not only reserved for fine gold jewelry that you wear at weddings or special occasions but in fact, it also refers to the accessories you wear on daily basis. Every individual is different and so are their taste and choices. When looking for beautiful jewelry gifts you will be able to find a perfect piece for everyone because of the wide range of choices available.

Jewelry From Ancient Times

Gemstones and jewelry have been a part of humans since old times. It all began before history was written. Talking about jewelry in ancient times is of course way different from recent times. The jewelry they wore in the early days was not like we wear it today. The people from ancient times wore jewelry made of very different things like feathers, bones, shells, and colored pebbles. All these things were aesthetically put together to form an ornament or a piece of jewelry which back then was considered a beautiful jewelry piece.

Beautiful Jewellery Gifts

Gems and stones are been admired since the olden times. They existed in raw form but still, their beauty and durability were admired back then. All these gems are used in making jewelry in their raw form. Many of the different pieces of jewelry items began as practical objects as pins and brooches started from the fasteners that held clothing together. Many other pieces like rings and pendants were used as a sign of rank, authority, and identification.

Diamonds as a gem were not very popular in the beginning until people learned to cut them. Once they are cut their beauty was unfold.

Why Choose Beautiful Jewelry As Gifts 

Irrespective of the thing or occasion receiving a gift is very exciting. A beautifully wrapped piece is usually so interesting to get the mystery of what is inside is more exciting and fascinating. A gift is something that shows that you are being thought of and it simply makes you happy. Among all the other things choosing a beautiful jewelry gift for someone is always considered the best especially when it comes to women. Jewelry is not only beautiful but a wearable gift that also has a sentimental value attached to it. Though Jewelry is one of the first common kinds of a gift but irrespective of this fact most women (and some men) have always enjoyed receiving it. Women love to embellish themselves with stunning jewels and they also are a way of showing how important someone is to you. Below are some factors that make beautiful jewelry gifts the best gift one can choose to give:

  • Jewelry is considered a luxury item as there is a significant cost attached to it and therefore it is not something you review easily like clothes, shoes, bags, etc.
  • Jewelry is not a usual gift item but it is a very special gift.
  • Some gifts carry more emotional and sentimental value than others and jewelry is one of them.  
  • Beautiful jewelry is a timeless gift. It is usually carried from one generation to another generation without looking at its value and spark. 
  • Classic jewelry pieces are never out of fashion.
  • If at any point you want to change it at can be changed or upgraded easily.
  • Not a gift that is discarded once used 
  • It may retain or increase in value.
  • Jewelry can be given to people of all ages on any occasion.
  • Jewelry suits all personalities it can be personalized also.
  • Jewelry is a thoughtful and useful gift that they can keep and use for years.

Picking the right jewelry to suit you and your attire is not always an easy task. Even choosing jewelry for gifting purposes is sometimes confusing and time-consuming.

Irrespective of the individual style you will find a piece of jewelry that they're bound to love. Jewelry is not only beautiful but also shows the taste and personality of the person. There's always a way to find a different jewelry gift for women. 

Looking for something different and raw but still aesthetically pleasing to the eye and catches attention. There are so many beautiful pieces available that you're sure to find something she doesn't already own or even something she has not even thought of! then you must visit the website of  Qajar Jewelry. You will surely find a perfect piece for yourself or to gift someone special. 

At Qajar Jewelry beautiful jewelry gifts are made with excellent craftsmanship all these pieces are exclusive and unique. Each piece is given great emphasis on detailing and quality. Qajar Designer Jewelry is like a piece of art with exclusivity and durability. Check out our new arrivals.

Story Of Qajar jewelry

Qajar jewelry is a brand from the famous house of N.M. CHHOTANI ( a brand in the jewelry trade for the past 72 years). The N. M. Chhotani Jewellers, a company driven by ethics and integrity. They are the makers of the finest, high-class, exclusive studded, and plain gold jewelry of 21k and 22k. The company has been known for uncompromising quality in jewelry since pre-partition days.

Qajar is a  brainchild of Hajra Chhotani who is a fourth-generation Jewellery maker from famous N.M.Chotani family! Qajar is her passion project reflecting the unconventional style. At Qajar amorphous but glamourous pieces are used to make one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. These are imperfectly shaped but are beautiful in their originality and are truly one of a kind. Their jewelry tells the story of the jewel’s origin and is a distinct art. It encourages women to make their presence in the male-dominated jewelry industry. The pieces are statement-making and at the same time reflect the energy and passion wearer has for nature around.

At Qajar, we love connecting with our customers. If you are looking for a custom design or any question you can always visit their showroom or contact through their website