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5 Things You didn’t Know About Handmade Jewelry

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Handmade Jewelry


Jewelry has been females' best friend, especially handmade jewelry because of its originality, edginess, and uniqueness. For centuries handmade jewelry is being raged. The love and personal attention to each piece the artist gives are evident in each piece of jewelry. Though people don't understand that handmade jewelry is a good deal to be invested rather than other kinds of jewels. Below are five things people are not aware of handmade jewelry 

1- Time Defines Its Value of Handmade Jewelry

Time is one of the most important elements in handmade jewelry. As its handmade jewelry. It's made from scratch by an artist without the use of any machinery. Since any machinery is not involved in making it all handmade that's why each process of jewelry consumes an incredible amount of time.

Handmade jewelry requires lots of focus, devotion, and accuracy that are why it takes many hours just making one single product. The good thing about a piece of handmade jewelry is that they never rush. Whether it's a single product or many to design they give hours just in finishing each jewel piece. As a solely final result depends on their hand.

2- The Material Is Handpicked

In almost all kinds of handmade, the material used is of fine quality as compare to jewels manufactured by machines jewelry. For example, when you are baking one of your favorite cakes on your own. You would choose the best quality of ingredients.

The same way each product of handmade jewelry tells a different story. A bangle with a blue Sapphire would tell a different story whereas an orange Sapphire bangle. Artist chose material very thoughtfully and especially creatively for each handmade jewelry.

3- One of Kind Pieces 

As its handmade jewelry, each product is made by an artist themselves. That’s why each product is different from another and that makes each handmade jewelry product unique. That's why it's nothing like anything in this world. This handmade jewelry is hard to be replicated. Handmade jewelry can be customized to your preferences according to accurate size, color, shape design, and everything according to your preference. Jewelry comes in limited edition and that makes it unique and precious

4- The Premium Quality 

As we are all aware of the fact the larger the production is the less quality of the product is and it is vice versa, the more on smaller case production is done the more premium quality product is being made. The same is the case with handmade, a limited quantity of each design is made which's why quality is not been compromised. In detail quality of each hand-made jewel, the product is of premium quality.

Each piece of jewelry represents the integrity of artists that why artists are highly particular about each product of hand-made jewelry. They would never be like to link with inferior quality. Artists immediately see if there is an error in making and fix it rather than in mass production minor errors are being ignored. Handmade jewelry is more about creating a statement.

5- Support For Local Artist 

We should support a local artist. when you are purchasing something from multinational names you are not even sure the main person, an artist gets how much profit but when you are purchasing handmade jewelry you are not only giving him profit. You are also supporting a dream, giving him a reason to stay motivated.

And that's what matters to an artist. Even you will feel better knowing that your purchase helped someone to grow. Also, you can have a connection with hand-made jewelry pieces as you know who the person behind the making of such statement jewelry is.

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