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10 Types of Resin Jewelry | Qajar Jewellery

Resin jewelry casting is a method for plastic where mold is filled up with fluid engineered resin which at a point takes the shape of the mold and turns into solid.

Making resin jewelry is not an easy task. Though with a little patience and a lot of training you may make your own kind of resin jewelry in your own style. The difficult part is to choose the right type of resin for jewelry. For best results, it's better to choose polyurethane resin. To make it easier make sure the resin which you use is blended in an equal proportion.

10 Types of Resin Jewelry

Here we have brought together unbelievable 10 resin jewelry.

  • Dried Plants Jewelry

Jewelry with dried plants, especially dried flowers looks amazing and is one of the best personalized gifts which you can give. It's better to use sealant so that the flower's original color stays and is bubble-free. First of all spray in the mold then pour the resin mix and lastly place the dried flower in it, you can adjust its position by a pointy stick and just wait for it to dry.

  • Resin Bugs

This is one of the unique concepts. You can make some different yet funky light-weighted or pendants. It’s one of the exclusive ways to showcase love.

  • Jewelry With Glitter 

If you feel like making resin jewelry but you don’t have anything other than resin then the best way is to use dry glitter, they will look perfect. First of all, take a mold, pour resin first then add a layer of glitter on it, and then risen layer again on top of the glitter. Now, wait patiently for it to dry.

  • Resin Jewelry With Gemstones

This is the most loved resin jewelry. Pour some resin in the mold and carefully assembled gem stones in it and just wait for it to dry. They can be used as a pendant or beautiful statement ring too.

  • Feathers of Animals

Like us, are you also a fan of real bird feathers jewelry? You can transform them into jewelry too.. yes you heard right. It is better if you use a small feather for a resin jewelry pendant. If you can't find a small feather, you can always trim a feather according to your required size. Cover the feathers with sealants before making them. Set them in the mold then and let them dry. It is a great way to seal feathers.

  • Resign Jewelry With A Photograph

You can carry your family picture in a pendant or ring so that you can always feel your family’s presence with you wherever you go. It's one of the memorable gifts also you can give to your loved ones. All you have to do is take a picture to crop it into the size of the mold. Then pour resin and put the picture in the mold and pour some more resin. And let it dry. You can add a chain to it to make a beautiful gift.

  • Resin Jewelry With Wood

Mix resin and small pieces of wood for funky jewelry 

  • Sea Inspired Resin Jewelry

This kind of jewelry is more worn in summers. It has a vibe of the beach. You can make resin starfish and seashells with few bright colors to resin for a more colorful look. Its one of the great activity loved by little ones

  • Resin Jewelry By Confetti

You need to make lots of hoops of resin. By adding confetti to your resin gives it a happening vibe. They are funky yet easy to style.

  • Resin Jewelry With Fruit

One of the most unique styles is. You can make your favorite fruit into a piece of resin jewelry. It is so colorful and beautiful. The standout from all kinds of jewels.

These were the few resin jewelries. We are sure you would like them as much we do.