Sultana Collection

‘Sultana’ – the female Sultan, Royal leader.

Qajar’s ‘Sultana’ collection is designed to exhume effortless grace in its wearer– it is for the woman fascinated by distinctive and elegant jewellery that’s not run off the mill at all.

#Sultana borrows design inspiration from the Ottoman philosophy of jewelry making where unlike the European jewellery of the 1500s where focus remained on perfect symmetries and consistency of form, the Ottoman jewelry markers insisted on retaining the stones and gems in their natural form

The Sultans commissioned Jewellery makers of their courts to work on the most beautiful Zammaruds (Emeralds), Yakoots (Ruby), Feyroz (Turquoise), Zaberjad (Jade), Corals and Elmas (Diamonds) all the while preserving the beauty and natural form of the gems and stones

The Sultans also believed in the unique and specific powers of gems. It is said that the Sultans used stones to not just indicate their power and position but also had a strong belief in the specific powers and characteristics the gems manifested

The 12 pieces in the collection ooze elegance and grace all the while using colours of Zammaruds and Yaqoots, it uses stones like chunky Ferozas, Mother of pearls, Aqeeqs, Natural Crystals and uses contemporary metals frames spinning graceful, elegant wearable pieces; and like the Sultana, always conscious of the impact her choices, the collection hopes to inspire a deeper consciousness in the lady adorning them

The collection is made keeping the Pakistani attire, both eastern and western in mind


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